Iris is a company developing and manufacturing sensor components for automatic passenger counting. We design, develop, produce and install our opto-electronic sensors for integration with a variety of systems. Our sensors are mounted above the vehicle doors and transmit the quantity of boarding and deboarding persons. IRMA, our main product, is a passenger counting system. IRMA was developed for use in urban public transport and it is used in many cities throughout the world. Our portfolio of sensor technologies for automatic passenger counting comprises a wide range of performance classes. The data gained by IRMA is used for the business optimization, capacity adjustment and revenue sharing in Public Transport associations. The basic prinicple of the latest product lines IRMA 6 and IRMA MATRIX is distance measuring by Time-of-Flight-technology (ToF). ToF guarantees the most reliable detection and an exact counting when it comes to adverse environmental conditions and crowds. Modern interfaces to the on-board computer enable the facile integration of IRMA sensors. Our competence in micro systems engineering allows us to optimise our sensors for new passenger counting requirements – ranging from sensor elements to optical and electronic systems and software, and all at a moment’s notice. Iris was founded in 1991 and has its head office in Berlin. Here, we develop our counting technology and manufacture and test the systems. We maintain close contact and cooperate wholeheartedly with research institutions in Germany and abroad.