Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. is an American management consulting firm, sometimes referred to as a government-services company, headquartered in McLean, Virginia, in Greater Washington, D.C., with 80 other offices around the globe. 

Full time
Booz Allen Hamilton Baden-Württemberg, Germany
The challenge: Are you excited at the prospect of unlocking the secrets held by a data set?   Are you fascinated by the possibilities presented by the IoT, machine learning, and artificial intelligence advances?   In an increasingly connected world, massive amounts of structured and unstructured data open up new opportunities.   As a data scientist, you can turn these complex data sets into useful information to solve global challenges.   Across private and public sectors — from fraud detection, to cancer research, to national intelligence — you know the answers are in the data. We have an opportunity for you to use your leadership and analytical skills to improve Department of Defense Campaign Planning for Europe.   You'll work closely with your customer to understand their questions and needs, and then dig into their data-rich environment to find the pieces of their information puzzle.   You'll mentor teammates, develop algorithms, write scripts, build predictive...