Luxoft is an international custom software development company with more than 13,000 employees, 42 offices in 21 countries in North America, Mexico, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, and South Africa. It is incorporated in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, has its operating headquarters office in Zug, Switzerland, tax domiciled in London, and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Their customer list consists of over 170 clients, over 30 of which are high potential accounts (next UBS, Boeing, Harman etc.)

Full time
Luxoft Homeoffice-Coaching, Tacitusstraße, Cologne, Germany
Project   Description In this project, Luxoft helps the customer, which is a German manufacturer, to develop, train, and deploy Machine Learning models for internal customer needs. Some of the models include: Automatic warranty claim approval Financial forecasting Automatic anomaly detection in engine signals (IoT on mining trucks) Models use both unstructured data (text) and data in tabular format.   Knowledge of handling different data types (structured, text, image) is expected. The customer develops engines for mining trucks, yachts, cruise ships, power generators, etc. Technologies: Python, unit testing, pandas, NumPy, Machine Learning, Data Science, Azure Databricks, MLFLow, Docker, Gradient Boosting Trees (LightGBM), Pyspark , Tensorflow, Keras, Deep Learning, LSTM, Kanban, Azure DevOps. responsibilities Build, train, run, own, and validate predictive and explorative analytical AI models Analyze large and complex data...