Waschbär GmbH

The Triaz Group, which also includes Waschbär, has been a purpose company since the end of 2017. As a purpose company, we are there for our customers and employees! We do not work for the greatest possible profit of investors or owners, but for the actual purpose of our company. This is possible because our company practically owns itself. The owners of the Triaz Group are not allowed to sell or inherit the company. The profits that we generate remain in the company and are either donated, paid to employees in the form of bonuses or wage increases, or reinvested in the further development of the company. What also remains in the company is responsibility. Not foreign investors or distant owners who have nothing to do with day-to-day business, make the decisions, but always those who are in charge of the fortunes of our company. This means that according to the Purpose principles, the owners must always run the business as well. The control and compliance with these rules is about thePurpose foundation ensured.