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hm informatik ag - Are you ready for the digital transformation? Use 27 years of digital experience for your own success story! 648 successful projects, 405 man-years of development, 418 satisfied project customers speak for themselves. Comprehensive expertise and many years of experience in all areas of the software lifecycle, from conception and development to operation and the permanent updating of digital application solutions, make us experts in digitization. What we do for you: EXPANSION OF DIGITALIZATION Modernization of existing infrastructures, interface development, rich content or social media integration and business process automation. DIGITALIZATION OF VALUES - BLOCKCHAIN ‚Äč‚ÄčTECHNOLOGY Conception, Development and implementation of processes based on blockchain technology for the automated transfer of reliable content (contracts, logistics, payments, etc.). DIGITALIZATION OF HARDWARE – INTERNET OF THINGS Development of applications for the Internet of Things. This means the communication of devices via the Internet (e.g. for predictive maintenance, condition monitoring & analysis and connected logistics). These applications have established themselves in the industrial sector, but require a high level of security and control. DIGITALIZATION OF COMMUNICATION - Public Key Infrastructure (PKI): Securing of communication through digital certificates. Against the background of the worsening legal situation (GDPR, IT Security Act) PKIs create basic structural conditions for digital sales and production processes. SOFTWARE / APP DEVELOPMENT We accompany you step by step from the analysis of your requirements and brainstorming, through the development of prototypes, proof-of-concept and MVP (minimal viable product) to the ready-to-use product and ensure its operation and support .